So I added a Steam Greenlight page for the game and all I can say is “oh”.
Now by “Oh”  what I actually mean is “Oh my god, everyone hates and everything is rubbish and what am I doing trying to sell a game on here that is so obviously crap, and maybe I really am ugly and clueless and…”  You get the idea.
So the ratio for Yes’s and No’s at the minute on RoE is   22% Yes , 74% No  and 4% Ask me Later.
That makes me feel sad and at first I wasn’t prepared for the amount of vitriol pouring from people’s mouths as they judge in less than 3 seconds whether my game is for them or not. Should there be a No button?  Well maybe a debate for another time, and I guess it’s dependent on how Valve use these votes…

Anyway, in the few days it’s been on I have started to engage with the people posting on there and have won some over – possibly lost others, but the point is I am talking to them and trying to answer what I can.

My big mistake seemed to be I didn’t have a nice swish video showing everything from the get-go, but my idea was to get the game on there and it may take months  (or most likely – never) to get on Steam so I had time to watch the community grow and I could release updates and nice videos later – you know when I’ve finished the bloody game!  But anyway, in my naivety I didn’t have a flashy vid ready to go and the community let me know how they felt…which was pretty demoralizing.  However, I’ve decided I am just gonna focus on my original plan of making the game as good as I can in the time I have left and if it’s good enough to sell, it will.  Simple as that.

I’ve been doing this a while, and I like to think I know the industry, and a lot of people that say they hate something WOULD buy it if it turned out to be good, and some who say they will buy it won’t.  So let’s just wait and see if I can get on Steam or not first.  I will be releasing on other platforms (I hope) which may get me some traction to get past the Greenlight barrier anyway  in the future…

Well, nobody said it would be easy!