Ooooh my first blog post. Well I should get you up to speed straight away.

I’ve been developing Ruins of Endoth 2D (Which forever more I will refer to as RoE, for ease of typing) since about July 2013. Of course, I have a full-time job, a relationship to nurture and a dog. So between all those things, I don’t exactly have an abundance of time to dedicate to my little pet-project. However, I have learnt to live off very little sleep, scripting and designing way into the wee small hours, sometimes with a snoring/dreaming/barking/whining dog by my side/sitting on my mouse/pulling out my laptop power cable etc.

So it’s been slow going, and at one point I was ready to quit as I hit a seemingly insurmountable wall. A problem I could not solve.
Then we got the news that my girlfriend was pregnant, and that awoke in me an even stronger desire to at the very least get *something* out there, even if the finished article ended up a fragment of what I set out to make.

Anyway, RoE then started taking shape as I solved problem after problem and started implementing my mechanics one after the other. I’ve had to compromise on some of my ambition, but I think it’s knowing where to focus your efforts that really starts to realise results.

I have been a game designer for a number of years and my favourite genre is RPG, yet I have never been part of a team making one, and even if I was I think I would resent having to dilute the experience I wanted to have within the game to suit publishers, colleagues etc.  That is strange for me seeing as I think the first rule of game design is to not get too precious over ideas. Ideas are ten-a-penny, and if I had a quid for every time someone found out what I did and said “Oooh, I got a great idea for a game…”.
Now, it’s great you have an idea and I’ll listen with interest but really – the ideas are the very easy bit, and as someone who’s been a gamer since I was old enough to operate a cassette player, I have more than likely already thought of it. That sounds quite dick-ish doesn’t it? Sorry.  Does it help that I wrote it with a wry smile on my face?  Ah well.

My point is that to make an RPG, I think I would have to be the one to make it on my own (or with a heavily vetted partner who thinks like I do!).  So that’s what I’m doing with RoE.
However, I’m simply not a good enough scripter/coder to do everything I want in this game, so I  am doing more of  an aRPG (in the mould of Diablo, torchlight etc) to minimize on dialogue and story etc.  This also means I can procedurally generate dungeons, and have it as more of a perma-death, 5 – 20 minute jaunt rather than an epic adventure.  It’s achievable for me and minimises asset creation and so saves time. For instance, I don’t have to hand-craft 20+ levels on top of all the other stuff I have to create (100+ items, 10 – 15 enemy types etc) so it means I sacrifice uniqueness in one sense but add a feature that allows infinite replayability, as you cannot learn the layouts between games, or know where and what type of enemies and loot are in the level.  Each play is different.   Now that’s the kind of compromise I can stomach 🙂

Okay I have to go.  I’ll post more thoughts soon and let you know what I’m up to…even if noone is reading this yet!

*The ether mocks me with silence*