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What is Ruins of Endoth 2D?
Ruins of Endoth 2D (or RoE2D) is a top-down, real-time ARPG. It takes some of my favourite aspects of Roguelikes, and the Diablo and Torchlight series and puts them into a little game, made by one person (and a dog called Dexter). Later on I will tell you more about the game, if you give a monkey’s that is?

Tell me more about RoE2D…
Here’s a few of the features in the game as it stands:

  • Random Level Generation – So this was a biggie for me, and a given that it would be included. I personally like to have unique layouts every time I play these kinds of games, and whilst there’s no substitute for a hand-crafted level, I knew as a one-person team I would not be able to make hundreds of levels myself, unless I used some kind of procedural generation.  As it stands, everyone will start in the intro area, then they go down ‘The Hole’ and that’s when your journey becomes unique. There will never bee the same layout twice and each time you descend a level the layout will randomise, and so will the enemies and loot.
  • Random Loot – All loot is divided into categories such as Weapons, Armour, Jewellery etc and in each category are up to 20 different items. Each of these items has a ‘base’ type with static attributes but every time you find an object, background ‘dice-rolls’ are made to determine if it is a standard item or if it is Magic, Rare or Legendary. Then depending on that roll, more rolls are made to see what the stats are, obviously increasing in effectiveness the rarer the item. This means that each item you find can potentially be unique to you. In later versions of this loot system I plan to add abilities to some of these items and even randomised names.
  • Random enemies – There will be approximately 10 – 15 enemy types to start with, and these will appear randomly throughout the dungeon levels. Obviously to maintain a challenge I will place rules in there that govern it so that there will be a more or less fair distribution of foes across the game.
  • Main quests and sub-quests – When you start your character’s game, he will be randomly assigned a main quest to achieve and that is your main aim. however, on the way you can also pick up extra mini-quests that you can complete for an XP bonus. These might be to kill x number of enemies of a certain type, kill a boss, collect something-or-other etc.
  • Perma-death – The whole point of RoE2D is to have quick, short sessions over your lunch break etc You get assigned a character name (you don’t choose it) and you play as that character until their death (most likely) – or completion of the quest (less likely).
  • Hall of Heroes – From the main menu you can browse all your previous game sessions, with an array of stats and item previews so you can compare them and look back over past victories (and losses!).

Who are you?
I’m a 36 year old professional games designer with 15 years industry experience. I’ve worked for a variety of game development studios and some of the largest publishers. However, I’ve always wanted to release something that was just mine. Uncompromised, not designed by committee, with only myself to approve or disapprove features.

I’m working on my first solo game ‘Ruins of Endoth 2D’ using Game Maker™. If you’re interested I can tell you more about me, but chances are you are a spam-bot and as such have no interest in anything except…spamming my email address.

Why Game maker?
Well, there is a very long and potentially boring story as to how I have gotten to this point, but suffice to say Game Maker is a nice mix of easy-to-pickup and versatility. There are very few barriers to entry and if you have a good idea what you want to make and have even the most basic scripting/coding skills and can draw shapes in an art-package – then you can create a game.

What’s the long a potentially boring story you mentioned?
If you really want to know, I was prototyping a couple of game designs in other packages one of which was Epic’s UDK™. It was a great experience and brilliant to use in a lot of ways but I was part of a two-man team, and unfortunately the other guy was bogged down in what we refer to as ‘crunch-time’ in the games industry, in his day job and could not find time to develop his side of the partnership. So after a long time, I decided to try and make a game on my own and to do that it would not be as practical to try and use UDK on my own. The scripting language and structure requires much more advanced knowledge, and up to that point I had been focussing all my efforts on asset creation, level design and game design documents and to take on the coding/scripting role as well would mean an amazing amount of effort and time before I saw any results at all. Hence why I scaled back my 3D ambitions and wondered if the game I had in my head would translate to 2D.

I picked up a copy of GameMaker and managed quite rapidly to get the core mechanics in there for Ruins of Endoth 2D (I’ll call it RoE2D from here on in!). I have had to rethink some aspects, and of course the art-style (being top-down 2D) has been compromised but my feeling was I wanted to get a game out there – on my own, and if enough people enjoy it, maybe I can move on to the 3D version.

Is RoE2D available yet?
At this moment, I would say it is 90% complete in terms of mechanics. I still have an art-pass or two to do (revising some placeholder graphics), create and implement sound fx, music and some particle fx.
After that stage is complete, I am officially in Beta and can concentrate on bug-fixing and balancing, which I expect to spend a few weeks doing – if RL doesn’t get in the way too much.

How will I buy it when it’s done?
I plan to sell the game on whatever sites I can get it on. I’ll start with applying to GOG.com and the Humble Store, and I will have a Steam Greenlight page (link here when it’s live!) where if I get enough votes (and Gabe is in a good mood) it can hopefully get on Steam™.

How much will it cost me?
I plan to charge £3 (just under 5 USD) for the release, with any updates available for free.

What are you doing after RoE2D?
It depends on the response to the game. I’d love to be in a position to release expanded versions with features requested by the community – for free as updates, if there is a demand.
Afterwards, I have plenty of ideas to expand the World of Endoth universe – and of course the original idea of a 3D version of RoE may be within reach…
Also, I have a baby girl due this year – so I’m gonna have to become a squillionare pretty quickly to be able to work on games as well as a full-time job, plus bringing up a daughter!
Support me 🙂


Additional, super-important info:
This is the top-secret member of the dev team here at Ruined Games HQ.
My black labrador – Dexter!

Here, he is actually saying “Hey, why don’t we try and sell this game to the public for a small fee? You secure your future for your family, they get a nice little game and support an indie studio of one, and I get more bones and treats. We’re all winners!…”

Yeah, he’s a smart one. I’ll have to watch him.

Anyway, more to come soon so check back often.
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